How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Whether it’s teaching, arranging a doctor’s visit or cooking a meal for the homeless, many opportunities exist to help the lesser-able individuals or groups. Usually, people believe volunteering will consume their free time, which makes them hesitant of offering up their services.

How to volunteer in your spare time

Work in your local community, neighbourhood or from home. Invest your time and efforts that fit your objectives. For instance, if your knitting skills are good, knit caps for the senior citizens and premature babies. If your social skills are strong, raise funds for the poor or create volunteer groups who can help overseas in the face on a natural calamity.

Join local organizations to raise funds to build safe playgrounds, provide music lessons for low-income group children or provide meals for the poor and needy.

How to volunteer in Cape Town

Volunteers Direct offers a range of projects to get involved with, from teaching in a township to helping at shelters and homes for children at risk. Through us, volunteers of all ages has learned how to volunteer and teach, mentor and uplift the youth of Cape Town for the past 5 years.

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