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We love the place for it s excitement and unpredictability, for its beauty, big landscapes and wildlife. As a volunteerism organization in cape town we are also well aware of the inequalities, poverty and many challenges.

Volunteerism in Cape Town is a new and welcome travel dimension in South Africa. In between visiting the Game Parks, beaches, mountain ranges and more, tourists can spend their time offering valuable assistance to the overcrowded township schools ( 67 pupils per class at the High School Project), or help in the many disadvantaged communities. Giving the traveler a more in-depth view of the country

But, be prepared for a huge lifestyle change. The term – Africa Time – is a known expression which summarizes the pace of life and the disorganization.

About Volunteerism in Cape Town

When you are told “we will be there at 11 o’clock Tuesday” you had better ask “which Tuesday?” I have made appointments for “midday today” and been phoned from that morning until 5 p.m. to be told “we are on our way”, only to be finally told at 6 p.m. “we can’t make it today, can we re-arrange for tomorrow?”

volunteerism in cape townIn the schools, as hard as many teachers try they are often frustrated by inadequate or rundown buildings, lack of basic teaching equipment such as textbooks, pens and pencils, the poor organizational ability of the education departments and unruly pupils.
At least 30% of children in school are from single or no parent families. Many do not have good role-models or get the necessary love or discipline at home. Many teenagers are “heads of households” trying to balance their school careers with caring for their siblings.

But they are children and like children anywhere can be charming, naughty, playful, lazy, bright, ambitious and determined.

If they wish to be successful, determined they must be – it is not unusual to walk at least an hour to and from school, for their days and lessons to be disrupted, and then to go home to overcrowded shanty shacks, mostly without electricity where they must try and do their homework. Often with music and noise from the local shebeen – illegal bar – pounding throughout the neighborhood.

When you do find a particularly bright deserving kid it is natural to try to act as a positive influence and role model. Not only do they deserve a better chance in their own right, but if they don’t get it, the country is losing out on the potential talents of doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, artists, musicians or sportsmen and women

Does Volunteerism in Cape Town Contribute to the community?

So, yes volunteers can contribute from acting as a positive influence in the class room and on the sports field, to helping with homework, and with that difficult maths equation, to subsidizing promising children at a good educational institute or university.
And, it should be a two-way street, in the end the volunteer should come away having learnt just as much from the experience as the school children.

Volunteerism in Cape Town Contact Details

For more information on volunteerism in cape town please contact us at karen@volunteersdirect.co.za

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