Volunteers Direct – Hout Bay Highlights 2010

During the World Cup Volunteers Direct was contacted by a U.K. film student who wanted to “do” a piece on the impact of this event on the people in the townships in Cape Town.  I introduced him to Nandipha and her interview takes up most of his video – she comes across so passionately and naturally. See the YouTube clip A Game of two halves on our website http://www.volunteersdirect.co.za/gallery.html

We have a second clip of an interview with Nandipha which we hope to screen soon – I am wondering if we can promote her TV personality

This year, thanks to the ongoing input from one of our first volunteers – Chris Jones – we have managed to get a second Imizano Yetho pupil enrolled at Camps Bay High School. Abigail who is bright, feisty and sporty should do very well.

Due to our initial input, a dozen of the township kids involved in the excellent Hout Bay Music Project were invited by classic/rock Dutch musician Andre Rieu, to perform with him in Holland. They performed at various venues and can be seen on youtube/andrerieuandthehoutbaymusicproject.

He will be back in Cape Town in March 2011 and our kids will perform with him again.

One of the highlights of the past year was having two mature couples who volunteered  during September. Adri and Simon were excellent, devoted maths teachers from Holland who spent their time helping the pupils of the High School. In small classes of between 2 and 10 pupils it was a joy to see the children “soaking” up the information. For the first time I saw kids dropping in during the break times or after school asking for advice.

Adri and Simon’s wives, Agaat and Lynda taught at The Primary School, and helped in the AIDS soup kitchen/workshop. It was useful for them to get the first hand experience as they give AIDS awareness talks in Holland.

On the recommendation of Adri and Simon, we managed to get one bright 17 year old boy, Ngcebo, on a 3 days informative work placement with K.P.M.G. ( Ngcebo wanted to be an astronomer but now that he’s seen what CA’s earn, he may change his mind ).

My belief is that, barring a few very talented individuals, the main hope for these children is to shrug off the poverty of their surroundings through education. They must at least have a sound command of the English language.

Much of the school work is routine but besides helping the kids on a daily basis it is great to see the occasional spectacular success. So thanks to everyone that has helped in this, and previous, year(s), hopefully we can continue to make positive changes to their lives.

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