Youth Volunteers in Cape Town

The Need for Youth Volunteers in Cape Town

Often debated – ‘does volunteering in Africa help the disadvantaged”. There are those with negative opinions believing short term volunteering serves little or no use.
We obviously believe that, on the whole, our volunteers have a positive role to play.

The Impact of Youth Volunteers in Cape Town

Many of the children from the township are from one parent families where the mother often acts as breadwinner, housekeeper, and mentor. At school, where discipline is a problem, there may be 50-55 pupils per class.

At the very least volunteers are able to impart their values, act as positive role models and give some of the kids a little care and attention that they all deserve. On many occasions the children have been able to share their thoughts, their hopes and their problems with individual volunteers.

In a more tangible way, in the Primary Schools, we have taught basic computer skills, improved the reading and arithmetic of particularly challenged individuals who may be foreign immigrants; recently arrived from their Eastern Cape homelands; or just slow learners. In addition we have coached and organized the school soccer teams, and introduced the sport of volleyball.

In the High School our more adept volunteers have helped to improve the maths and English of both struggling, and competent pupils. So much so that on occasion extra maths lessons were overrun with eager learners.

Our informal after school club, based in the township, not only has volunteers helping younger and older children with their homework (in an equitable area) but it does offer a place of safety for a couple of hours.

And at the top end of the scale ex volunteers have paid for bright pupils to attend good High Schools, offered finance for University education, paid for driving lessons, sent much needed second hand soccer boots and kit, and started pen pal correspondence with a UK school.

So maybe we should be asking some of these kids if our volunteers have helped…….

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