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To help you decide with volunteer project is best suited to you, consider the following questions:

How much time do you have to volunteer?
The minimum time required to commit to a project varies from two weeks to two months, depending on the projects. The academic year in South Africa runs from mid January to mid December. Also bear in mind that some projects may not run during the South African school holidays, which run as follows:

School terms 2010
13 July to 23 September 2010 (Holidays 24 September – 3 October)
4 October to 10 December 2010 (Christmas Holidays start 11 December)

School terms 2011
19 January to 25 March 2011
11 April to 24 June 2011
18 July to 30 September
10 October to 9 December

How much time during the week do you want to spend working?
If you are coming to Cape Town for other reasons – such as to holiday or study – consider how much time you want to spend volunteering. The projects on offer range from five full days a week to four afternoons a week.
What are your interests, passions and skills?
Do you want to work in an area you are currently or considering studying, like teaching or literacy? Or do you want to try something totally different to your daily job?